Tipping Point: Amazonian Synod

Pope Francis and bishops in the Vatican Gardens with Pachamama, Andean Fertility goddess.

The Amazonian Synod convened in Rome on October 6, 2019. This is an important date because on that same day an apparition returned to visit Visionary Sr. Agnes Sasagawa, 88, of Akita, Japan, telling her to “put on ashes” and begin praying a penitential rosary daily. More about Sister Agnes in a moment.

Among the proposals set forth in the Vatican’s working document for the Amazon Synod was a beggar-belief hodgepodge of heretical schemes, including married priests, women deacons, pantheistic idolatry (Pachamama), inculturation and adapting Christian liturgies to non-Catholic cultures, etc.

In addition to the opening of the Amazonian Synod, October 6, 2019, also marked the first time Sr. Agnes had received a visitation and message from the Virgin Mary in over 30-years. The new message instructing Agnes to “put on ashes and pray a daily rosary,” hints at the Bible story of Jonah and deserves our immediate attention. For my part, it was as if Mary herself said, “The Amazonian Synod is the tipping point in a chaotic world and could result in global misery.” What kind of a misery? Mary had forewarned of that back in 1973:

“Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity, the good as well as the bad, sparing neither priests nor faithful. The survivors will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead..”

Jonah preaches to the Ninevites, c. 760 B.C.

To refresh your memory, Jonah put on sackcloth and set out to warn the Ninevites at a time when this wealthy Babylonian city was one of the largest cities in the world. Jonah delivered a dire warning from God that the demise of Nineveh was imminent unless they repented and shifted their gaze toward Him. The Ninevites obeyed and their city was spared.

The implication of receiving a similar message from Mary in our time is apparent and made even more so by the conspicuous timing of Sr. Sasagawa’s apparition, which coincided with the opening of the Amazonian Synod.

The Butterfly Effect

In chaos theory, a tipping point can occur when radical change on a massive scale is triggered. A well known analogy from chaos theory known as the Butterfly Effect tells of a butterfly that flaps its wings in Brazil and causes a tornado in Texas – the point being that seemingly small and insignificant changes in a dynamical field can radically influence future outcomes. The spiraling, destructive force of a tornado is apt symbolism for the Butterfly Effect.

We observe that two cornerstones of Western Civilization, America and the Church, have enjoyed relative metaphysical harmony since WWII, a war Mary warned us of during her Fatima apparitions in 1917. Today, however, events occurring in both America and Rome surely conform to anyone’s criteria for “radical change.” We best heed Our Lady’s warning.

We have many non-Catholic Christians as well as unaffiliated spiritual people who follow our blogs. The Akita warning via Sr. Agnes applies to us all. For my part, I have great love for the Divine Feminine, however conceptualized. Nothing about Pachamama, per se, offends me, nor should it offend anyone else; all cultures have (or have had) their mythologies, heroes and villains, a fact 21st century fussbudgets might take into account.

That said, any Christian or Jew who “worships” Pachamama violates the First Commandment, which forbids idolatry. When Pope Francis placed a statuette of Pachamama on the altar of St. Peter’s Basilica, in the eyes of many Christians he gave a wink and a nod to idolatry. Many in the Church have called this heretical.

The Divine Feminine, by Annelie Solis

© Toney Brooks, OS, 2020

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