Game On?

I penned this statement below as a comment on Church Militant’s latest video, which you can view here.

“If it’s “game on,” shouldn’t we embrace Sedevacantism? How can we possibly recognize the veracity of the Post-councilor Popes, who are clearly heretical and becoming more so? Personally, I think it’s time for us to form a Remnant under the tutelage and spiritual direction of Archbishop Viganò. Failure to do so, especially since we all agree with the opinions expressed in this video, constitutes lukewarmness and fence-sitting. I wish The Vortex would produce a video explaining why the middle ground position is even tenable for the faithful. The mealymouthed hierarchy of the Church is clearly apostate.”

Christ said, “I prefer ye be hot or cold, but if ye be lukewarm, I will spew you out of my mouth.” (Rev 3:15-16)

Harsh words. The Church of Laodicea, to whom this admonition was addressed, was in the first century a large and prosperous city in Asia Minor. Jesus accuses them of relying upon their wealth and of being ‘in need of nothing,’ not even aid from Rome when their city was ravaged by an earthquake. They valued wealth and self-sufficiency above all else, including the word of God.

Today’s Laodicea is Vatican City. Look at the place! Is this what Jesus really had in mind? Is this grotesque opulence what St. Francis of Assisi taught?

“Recognize and resist,” as promulgated by the traditionalist movement in Roman Catholicism, is the epitome of lukewarm. It’s not a position at all. It is an apathetic cop-out; a willy-nilly half-measure that should indeed be “spit out.” The R&R Movement, as it’s called, shakes hands with the devil by acknowledging Pope Francis is a heretic but ‘resisting,’ whatever than means.

Given the imminent threats of globalism and decadent victory parades of pachamamas in drag, the time is nigh to choose Christ and His Mother without equivocation and to anathematize the “Recognize and Resist” mushy middle ground. The Church is cold. Let us be hot, not lukewarm.

“One must resist the Pope who openly destroys the Church.” (St. Cajetan)

Pope Leo XIII

The Novus Ordo rite is a new protestant religion. “To safeguard the integrity of the Faith, he [Pope Leo XIII] insists, is a duty that belongs to each one of the faithful and not just those with power of rule. Further, one who keeps silence in face of error is repulsive to God and unworthy of eternal salvation.”

God bless. +

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